Pieces of décor in Palermo

Sculptures and ancient pottery

In the Galleria di Cannatella Antonino you will have the chance to buy many pieces of décor in Palermo. Our shop for many years offers to its clients a wide range of pieces of décor of different historic periods which are perfect for those who love antiques and want to give to their inhabitations style and elegance. We are always ready to guide both the expert buyer and the inexpert one during the purchase of ancient objects, suggesting researched pieces of furniture, thought for completing a collection or to give a peculiar effect to environments, both modern or antique ones. With the consultation of our staff it is possible to create consistent decorations through composition which are absolutely flawless. The assortment of pieces of décor in Palermo offered by the shop goes from the finest proposals and the most valuable ones to more accessible articles, which are still beautiful. You will have the chance to buy artworks coming from different historical periods, from 1600 up to nowadays. Within our exhibitive spaces you will be able to benefit from a choice fo sculptures, mirrors, candelabra, frames, vases and other fascinating objects. It is also remarkable the collection of ancient lamps, appliques, abat-jours and table lamps. 

Another one of our strongpoint is undoubtedly the range of pottery: soup containers and ancient cups, from the monochromatic handmade golden item to the finely decorated one, up to the splendid decorated polychromatic creations. Our gallery offers marvellous porcelain sculptures, a collection composed by unique pieces from 1600, 1700, 1800 and 1900. The vases follow the most representative styles of every single one of the epochs, the sculptures and majolica plates will be able to enrich your environments. We grant the quality and authenticity of every single piece. In this section of the exhibition stand out the collections of finely decorated porcelains and ancient cups, rare pieces, true antique artworks. 

Often a single object is enough to give a certain personality to a room. This object though should be chosen with attention, improving at the same time the harmony of the environment and focusing the attention. For this reason, we are always available for our clients to give useful advices about the correct purchase for your house. Our store is expert in selecting the best solutions in the field of the modern and vintage offering a range of different articles capable of satisfying the most different tastes. The researched design and the precious finishing are common to all the pieces of décor available at the shop. All the antiques you will find in our shop are equipped with authenticity certification and a detailed documentation about their provenience. Whoever desires to renew his furniture can rely to us for the evaluation of their goods. Visiting our Facebook page, you will be updated about the last arrivals in the shop.