Jewelry of the mid-nineteenth century entirely covered with turtle

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Lovely jewelry than half of the nineteenth century entirely covered with turtle, harmoniously punctuated by the presence of a central bulge and Frames string course in ebonized wood.

Everything rests on feet protome zoomorphic gilded bronze. The interior is covered in blue fabric.
To note the lack of small scraps of tortoise as well evidenced by the photographs.

It 'important to spend a few lines on the precious material that makes this our jewelry, or the turtle, the material used since the end of the sixteenth century as a finishing element of various types of decorative art objects.
It was applied in principle in the Germanic countries, while in Italy began to be present thanks to the activity of cabinetmakers from this area who spread the use especially in luxury goods. Just think to the use of turtle in minters cabinets, frames, objects like this our jewelry, caskets travel.

As the name already presages, the "turtle" in cabinet is determined from corneal lining of the shells of turtles.
The great chromatic and decorative material, for example a lot was used by the great cabinetmaker of the Sun King, Andre Charles Boulle.

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