Ancient furniture in Palermo

Furniture and ancient paintings

In the Galleria di Cannatella Antonino you will find a wide assortment of articles of ancient furniture in Palermo. Our store is addressed to all those who love the charm of the ancient objects and want to bring to their houses. To furnish the house with ancient furniture and decorations it is not at all simple. One of the most frequent risks is the one of creating a chaotic effect in the room we want to decorate. For this reason, we are always available to supply you with useful advices to our clients, so that they can find the best solutions for their houses. For those who are not expert of the field, in fact, it is not always easy to choose the correct article. We follow every single one of our clients, so that we can help them orienting in the difficult world of antiques, so that everyone can go out of our shop satisfied and happy of the purchases. To enrich your living room with rare and authentically antique furniture, coming from other historical periods, allows to give to your own house a unique and elegant style. 

An armchair, as well as a bookshelf or an ancient table can enrich an environment adding a value which remains through time and never goes out of style. A peculiar drawer or a wooden writing desk are all investments which never depreciate. During the last years many people have discovered again the value of the ancient furniture, which under many aspects can be considered true art. 

Among the articles of ancient furniture in Palermo you will be able to find in our store, it is possible to buy a wide range of ancient furniture and paintings, both from the 1800 and 1900, all of them of fine finishing. We handle different styles of artworks, but all of them has an unquestionable charm and a great value. Our exhibitive spaces frequently enrich with new pieces of absolute value, capable of satisfying the most different personal tastes of the clients. For years we have been handling painting and artworks, for this reason we are capable to offer to our client a selection of pieces of absolute artistic value, capable to enrich your environments. 

In our shop we evaluate the purchase of ancient paintings which are then inserted into our exhibitive space for the sale. Often to separate yourself from an ancient painting is a painful decision, yet necessary for monetary questions. At us you will find honest evaluations of your artworks, so that the pain for the separation from your painting will be adequately rewarded under the economic point of view.

Furniture and paintings you will find in our art gallery are all attentively selected for what concerns quality and state of conservation. We only sell articles which are in an excellent state, capable of lasting through time and satisfying the needs of resistance.

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