Collecting furniture in Palermo

Coins, postcards and stamps

In the Galleria di Cannatella Antonino you will find a wide range of collecting articles in Palermo. In an antiques shop there cannot miss an area dedicated to those who love the art of collecting. Antiques and collecting are two field which often meet: in fact, both of them handle articles which have many years of history and a lot of charm. In our shop the client will be able to appreciate a big number of articles dedicated to collectors. At you will find a wide range of articles in the field of stamps, with a particular attention per the Italian area. In our art gallery you will find seriousness and competence, other than an extreme attention for the quality of the items. The stamps are one of the favourite matter of collectors. However, it is not always easy to find a shop which is capable to grant enough reliability. For this reason, it is important to find a store which is capable of granting seriousness and passion, the same passion of the collector. 

Among the passions which distinguish our activity it is surely present the numismatics. In our store shows up some accurate and attentive studies of the coin and its history, in all its forms, under an historic, artistic, aesthetic and economic point of view. This allow us to offer to the client not only some articles capable of evoking the interest of the passionate ones, but also to be able to offer him precious advices and important information. Come and discover the collection available at the shop. 

Other than coins and stamps, our store is specialized in the sale of postcards. This is one of the most recent matters, but yet not less interesting and remarkable. As for the numismatics and philately, the postcards often represent a journey through the past. Our store has a wide range with precious items coming from the whole world and from different historical ages.

To get a more detailed idea of the products present within our shop do not hesitate in contacting us. 

The true collectors, whatever they handle, need adequate containers to conserve their precious objects. In our shop you will find a wide range of accessories to conserve and keep in order your collection in complete safety. The place where you conserve an antique piece, in fact, in fundamentally important to grant the health of the collection, for this reason we propose different series of portfolios for collectors’ coins, album sheets, trays, bags and other accessories such as the capsules for coins of different dimensions: everything necessary for your collections.