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Galleria di Cannatella Antonino

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Art Gallery in Palermo

The art gallery in Palermo where it is possible to find a wide choice of furniture and paintings, sculptures and much antique objects of high value and quality. Within our exhibitive spaces all those who are passionate about antiques will have the chance to find selected antique pieces among the best of the market both Sicilian and national, unique products capable of distinguishing for quality and value. The store has antiques, furniture and objects of very high quality. Coming from different historical periods.

Galleria di Cannatella Antonino

Antiques shop

The passion and deep knowledge of the market of the antiques of the owner allow the art gallery in Palermo to own a great quantity of artworks and Sicilian antiques capable of satisfying even the most demanding lover.

The quality of our services made us, through the passing of the years, a true landmark for all the passionate of antiques. We are always ready to advice and guide everyone. Both the expert buyer and the inexpert one, through the purchase of antiques, by suggesting researched pieces of furniture, thought for adding to a collection or to give a particular effect to some environments, whether they are modern or antique-styled.

The research for beauty is the foundation of our work, which every day we do with love and passion. A passion we desire to share both with the collectors and the rest of the customer, offering an exhibitive space where you can admire and buy unique and exclusive artworks, ancient decorations, all of them always granted for authenticity. In our shop we also evaluate the purchase of old paintings, which are then inserted into our exhibitive space for the sale.

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Our activity is thought for all those who love the charm of the ancient and desire to bring it into their houses. The variety and quality of the offer is undoubtedly one of the strongpoint of our art gallery in Palermo. Antique objects and pieces are dedicated both to collectors, and a kind of customer which is less specialized yet looking for valuable objects. We have a wide area dedicated to the collectors. All the articles exhibited and available for the purchase are equipped with an authenticity certification. With the creation of the online store our shop we wish to go beyond the borders of the Palermo province and Sicily in general, in order to address to the passionate of antiques within the whole Italy.

Art Gallery Palermo furniture


Among the articles you will be able to find in our store, it is possible to buy a wide range of ancient furniture and paintings, both from the 1800 and 1900, all of them of fine finishing.

Art Gallery Palermo Various objects

Various objects

We also own a wide range of pieces of furniture and decoration from different periods, from the 1600 up to nowadays: sculptures, candelabra, mirrors, frames, vases and other fascinating objects.

Art Gallery Palermo Collecting


In an antique shop there cannot miss an area dedicated to those who enjoy the noble art of collecting, whether it is of coins, stamps, postcards.